Thursday, 19 January 2017

Transport to Audley End from Carver

DaRT 2 service is now to serve Audley End station and residents from the parishes covered by this service will be able to travel directly to Audley End station.  This includes residents of Wimbish and Carver Barracks.
 See above leaflet how to book this transport
As the journey from Carver Barracks to Audley End Station is a new addition to the DaRT 2 service, unlike journeys that were replaced by DaRT 2 service on a similar basis, there is no schedule at the moment.  What passengers need to do is contact the Operator (preferably as a group) to arrange times and days they wish to go to Audley End Station, then eventually a schedule may be put together.  At this stage the Operator does not know the times and days passengers wish to travel, and has actually contacted us regarding this yesterday.

Passengers should contact the Operator (contact details above).  Please bear in mind that as this is not a taxi service, it is unlikely that individual requests can be met.

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