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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Welfare Notice

Please could you ensure that your spouse informs their Chief Clerk should any of the following apply to your family throughout your posting to Wimbish Station
All personnel must notify their Chief Clerks of the following changes in circumstance:

a.       On Marriage.
b.      Change to place of residence.
c.       Birth or adoption of a child.
d.       Death of spouse or child.
e.        The beginning of and stages of the dissolution of a marriage or any form of marital separation, whether or not either party intends to petition for divorce.
f.       Existence of a Court Order for:
(1)     Legal Separation.
(2)     Financial maintenance.
(3)     Custody and control of children.
(4)     Divorce.
g.      Cessation of maintenance payments made under the terms of a Court Order.
h.        Marital reconciliation, following a previous change in marital status.
i.        Any other change in personal circumstances that could affect marital status or entitlement to married benefits.
j.      Removal of a child from the family with a view to adoption or maintenance without expense to the father.
k.        Civil offences pending including alleged offences and any summons to attend a court or legal enquiry in any capacity.
l.     Civil convictions.
m.      Conviction of spouse by the civil power involving a custodial sentence or the removal of children from the spouse's care.
n.      Custodial sentences placed on children.
o.      Removal of a child/children into the care of a local authority.
p.      Child reaching school age.

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