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Friday, 16 October 2015

Housing: Welfare Notice

It has come apparent over the last few months that tenants have been reporting faults  within their SFA to CarillionAmey as is directed to. It seems however, that some are getting the response that CarillionAmey will ring back and contact the families about the work with dates and times of commencement.  Unfortunately CarillionAmey are not always very good returning the promised communications. The Welfare Department have asked if people do receive this information and are not contacted within the given time frame, that they are to contact CarillionAmey on 0800707600 opt 5 (complaints) and make a stage 1 complaint. This is the only way that these issues will become less common place.

Mail needs to be redirected when families are assigned away from the Regiment.  This also needs to be followed up and companies need to be contacted to be informed of the change of address as Royal Mail direction only lasts for a set period and CarillionAmey will not forward on any mail.

People are reminded to check that their heating systems are working fully before the winter sets in, as CarillionAmey are starting to get busier with heating call outs, don’t be the one to leave it too late.

Vermin- People are reminded to use their rubbish bins and food bins correctly now that the farmers have cut all the crops,  all vermin will now be looking for new sources of food. It is easier to deter rodents than it is to remove them!!

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