Monday, 16 March 2015

Welfare Notice

Please take the time to read the information below which has been passed to us from Great Sampford Primary School.  

We have had a report from a family in Great Sampford who had a cold caller at their front door yesterday evening. The cold caller was female, said she was an ex-offender, and wanted to sell items from her back pack. She had a card which she presented as a permit. The homeowner refused to buy anything and the cold caller became intimidating in her speech and attitude. The parent closed the door on her. Later they found offensive graffiti had been written on the door in biro. 

This has been reported to the local police who have advised that NO permits have been issued for any part of Essex for door-to-door selling. Anyone purporting to have a permit and offering goods for sale should be reported to the police immediately. 

Separately, we are aware that a blue transit van has been seen driving slowly around local villages – sighted in Finchingfield, Thaxted, Great Bardfield, Stebbing and Great Sampford - allegedly checking out gardens and houses. The occupants are a man and a woman. We do not know if this is related to the incident last night. We understand this has also been reported to local police. 

We are advising families to be aware and call the local police on 101 if they have any concerns. 

Thank you.

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