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Tuesday, 6 January 2015


It has become apparent that all Accommodation Officers (AO) have been instructed to BILL for Decoration and Carpets that fall below move out standard as they should, but they have also been instructed that there is no longer a life span and fair wear and tear is not taken into account.

This in the eyes of DIO goes against policy and is being addressed at the highest level.

Direction for moving out prior to this issue being resolved:

  1. The bill being raised will be indicated to the occupant by the AO and captured on the Occupancy Form
  2. Where the bill is due to loss, damage, negligence or not preparing to move out standard as stated in the move out guide the charge should be accepted and signed for.
  3. Where the occupant feels the bill falls into the “Wear and Tear” bracket then they should sign the dispute box as indicated.
  4. Where the occupant has been in the property over 4 years or have evidence from move in that the property was due redecoration or new carpets again sign the dispute box.
  5. Once the MO or Pre MO visit has been conducted and the occupant has disputed any charge or are not happy with the advice being given they MUST follow up with a stage 1 complaint via the CarillionAmey occupancy service help desk (0800 707 6000)

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