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Thursday, 11 December 2014


The following advice is for all personnel including families

If you think there is an immediate threat to life – Dial 999.

Do not hesitate to report anything suspicious (particularly the activity of people and vehicles) to the Guardroom.

Security is your responsibility (as well as MoD’s) and extends well beyond the workplace.

Be proud of who you are and what you do but remain alert to potential threats at all times and take sensible precautions, including when travelling, socialising and when on-line.  Where possible, avoid setting patterns when travelling to and from your place of work.

Understand your ‘digital footprint’ and secure your on-line presence.
Do not disclose sensitive information on-line.  This includes personal details, operational activity or our force protection / security measures. It also includes posting or re-posting photographs of operations or operational activity, because the location can be ascertained through geo-tagging i.e. the location data embedded in digital images.

Ensure that you protect your personal electronic devices (and MoD’s) at all times, particularly when travelling.

Inform family members of the need not to mention information about operations and deployments involving you or your colleagues in public or on-line i.e. don’t discuss when you’re going on operations, when you are coming back or what job you’re doing when you’re there.

Don’t ‘brag’ or provoke others whose personal views differ from yours.  Do not publicly disclose your Defence associations or disclose sensitive information when socialising (including online) or when travelling in public.

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