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Thursday, 30 October 2014


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

New Accommodation Charging System

Monday, 27 October 2014

Ex Maiden Warrior!

The ladies of Wimbish Station all had an amazing time at Ex Maiden Warrior over the weekend.  A special THANK YOU to all that organised it (SSgt Gardner + team)

Within your last 2 years?

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Poor Carver Bks - Take care in the wind!
Please check your property and report any damage to Carillion
0800 707 6000

Monday, 20 October 2014

Bumps & Babies 1st Session

The first Session was amazing with some baby yoga - next session Monday 3rd November

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Capt Sanger: Soldier Mag Oct

101 Engineer Regiments Captain Sanger featured in this months Soldier Magazine.

Check the article out:

click here

Level 3 Courses

Monday, 13 October 2014

Rewards for Forces

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Mould in your SFA?

There are two underlying reasons why mould might appear in a house - structural reasons and condensation.

Structural issues are related to the fabric of the building which means water or moisture is getting into the property. 

So, how do you tell whether the mould in your home is caused by a structural issue or from excessive condensation?

Mould due to structural issues tends to appear in the following places:

In the house
·         Walls under the bottom corners of windows
·         Floors around toilets and under dishwashers
·         Walls around un-insulated cold-water pipes
·         Around the chimney in the attic
·         Near damaged or blocked downspouts
·         Basement - Bottom of walls, corners and floors
·         Bottoms of walls - bridged or earth covered damp proof courses
Mould from condensation tends to be seen in the following areas
In bathrooms
·         On ceilings over the bath or shower
·         Window glass, sills and frames
·         Under or behind the toilet and cistern
·         Exterior walls and tiled surfaces

In bedrooms
·         Windows, in the bottom corners, sides or on the glass
·         Behind dressers and wardrobes on exterior walls
·         Particularly on the top corners of the bedroom walls which are the furthest from any heating source
In Britain, condensation is mainly a winter problem when warm moist air is generated in areas like kitchens and bathrooms and then travels to colder parts of the house.
Condensation issues can often be effectively dealt with by the family. DIO/MHS have produced a very good fact sheet, Combating Condensation, which shows what you can do to reduce condensation and tackle mould in the home.
However, in cases where mould is caused by structural or ventilation issues (such as insufficient extractor fans in bathrooms and kitchens), families should contact the MHS Customer Helpdesk as these causes will need to be dealt with by MHS.
Whatever the cause of the mould, the first time you notice it call the MHS Customer Helpdesk (0800 707 6000) and ask for someone to come and look at it. This is a new initiative from MHS where a Technical Officer (TO) will attend with a damp meter to assess whether the mould is caused by structural or general condensation issues.
There is a lot that you can do as a family to reduce condensation and mould however, if you have an on-going situation with mould and you feel that it has not been addressed properly up until now (e.g. the area has been treated and painted over but it keeps coming back), please call the MHS Customer Helpdesk and ask for a TO visit to reassess the situation for you. You should also call the Helpdesk whenever you see the mould re-appearing so they can build up a record of the incidence of mould in your home. It would also really help MHS to know if this is a common problem on the street/estate as this could indicate a wider issue.
The Welfare Department would like to know of your situation too - please contact your respective UWO to inform them (101 Engr Reg 01223 203691 or  33 Engr Reg 01223 203698)

Thank you

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Green Air Cars - Vacancies

Drivers join forces!

Do you want to work for a business that values safety and protection as much as you do?    
GreenAir Cars is hoping to enlist drivers/chauffeurs with dedication to punctuality and efficient service to operate our environmentally friendly vehicles. Excellent customer service skills and a clean driving record are essential.

We can offer:
-          Flexible hours for family needs;
-          Regular income;
-          Transporting professionals and quality clientele.
We operate from Uttlesford to locations in East Anglia and London, mainly airports.
For more information and to apply, visit our careers page: http://greenaircars.com/careers.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Adopt with SSFA

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Medical Appointments


It has been reported that many medical appointments at local surgeries are not being met by families from Carver Barracks. The main reason given is that there is no transport available.  Please note that if you are unable to drive and your husband is away, then please liaise with your appropriate Unit Welfare Team for assistance. 


Security - All users of Facebook and Social Media sites are reminded that they must maintain their own security and should not say anything that would compromise their own safety or that of others.

Slanderous Accusations – Be careful what you post about others and organistaions.  Slanderous content, untruths and offensive language could lead to legal action being taken against the offender

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Coffee Morning - Wethersfield

Every Tuesday  from 10am in the Community Building (1073)
Only £1

Thursday, 2 October 2014

London's famous red phone box goes green and solar-powered

Green phone boxes to charge mobile phones in London

Disused phone boxes in London are being put to a novel use - as solar-powered charging stations for mobile phones.
The first of six boxes was unveiled on Tottenham Court Road this week.
The service is free to use although users will be shown adverts as they wait for their phone to charge.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Opening of Pocket Park

The opening of Pocket Park a community project that 221 Fd Sqn (EOD) were part of. It's now a lovely tranquil park the local community can enjoy. 


JSHAO (Joint Service Housing Advice Office)

Please be advised that with effect from 29 Apr 14 the contact number for the JSHAO Advice line will be:

Mil 94222 7574
Civ 01252 787574

The new JSHAO postal address will be:

Joint Service Housing Advice Office
Montgomery House
Hammersley Barracks
Queen’s Avenue
GU11 2JN