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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Spartak 78 - Local Children's Football Club

Kids Football - Spartak 78

Joining Spartak 78 has never been so easy.
Just send us an email to newplayer@spartak78.com. Send your name, age, school details and the date of your birthday and one of our Spartak managers will get back to you.
If you have any questions or you wish to volunteer your time and become a manager or referee then please email us at the address above. If you have a question or comments about Spartak we will be only too happy to help - after all this is your club.
Please note that we do our utmost to give every boy and girl access to football, but girls can only play with us up to and including the under 15 team levels at the moment. However, we will pass them on to other girls' clubs in the area. Girls can now also play in a girls only football team with the newly formed Plantation and Spartak Girls football club

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