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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Message from Cllr Knight

Cycle paths are go...?
UDC is considering a feasibility study for cycle paths in the District.   One of the leading campaigns for a cycle route has been the Audley End route.  However, for many years I have been fighting to get a cycle path from Carver Barracks to Saffron Walden, I have received a lot of warm words but the answer has always been there has not been the finance available.   With the Government and Health Authorities pushing for a healthier and eco friendly attitude towards transport, coupled no doubt with our excellent success in the Tour de France and Olympics, Cycle paths are now being seriously considered in the District.

I received a request from Thaxted Parish Council, who’s Youth Forum have been carrying out their own feasibility study for a cycle path from Thaxted to Carver Barracks, for help to promote this.   I have, therefore, spoken to the C.O’s at Carver Barracks, the Parish Councils of Thaxted, Debden and Wimbish, County Councillor Simon Walsh, and District Councillors Martin Foley of Thaxted, David Watson and Doug Perry of Saffron Walden and Town Councillor Mike Hibbs.  All have been totally supportive and Cllr Simon Walsh has offered to take up the baton and help with this project.   We hope to put forward a proposal for consideration at the Highways Panel in April.   Local support from residents would be extremely helpful and I hope to organise a petition, hopefully, local shops and businesses would help by having petitions for people to sign.  Any help with this would be very much appreciated.  Who knows, maybe people power will bring about this much needed venture, with no pavements and a large flow of traffic, cycle paths would also double up as safer places for people to walk (and before people question the safety of this, we are not expecting them to be used as race tracks and bikes do have bells!!)

Which brings me nicely onto race tracks!!!

Good news week.   Carver Barracks are in the embryonic stages of building an 8 lane athletics track for use by the whole community in the airfield.  This will consist of a Floodlit all-weather track with 3 G football, hockey and long jump pitch in the centre.  There will also be grass pitches for football and a full size Rugby Pitch.    This will be phase 1, over the time additional facilities will be added including spectator stands.     Initial consultations have already taken place about the site which turns out to be ideal for this exciting project.   Fund raising will be a major objective and once funds are available the whole complex can be completed within 20 weeks!!!    What a fantastic facility for the residents of Uttlesford.   All we need now is an Olympic swimming pool in the Town for, I don’t know about anyone else, I find it practically impossible to find a session for general use as the pool is always booked up by clubs and schools.

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  1. Very excited about the possibility of an athletics track for community use! How about a natural pool for summer swimming if an olympic pool is not on eg http://naturalswimmingpools.com/? Less maintenance costs...


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