Monday, 1 September 2014

FAO : Joyce Frankland Parents

Information about how Joyce Frankland 
Academy is supporting your children.

At Joyce Frankland we pride ourselves on 
our ability to focus on the individual and 
making sure we meet their needs. 
In order to ensure this happens I have made 
the decision to appoint Melissa Garnham 
to our staff as our Service Children Liaison Officer. Melissa has a great range of 
experience in getting the most out of young people and was the standout candidate 
at interview. Mellissa is being employed exclusively to work with you and your children. 
This is one of the ways we are ensuring your children are getting the most from 
their education. We are also committed to using the rest of additional funding to 
support each child on an individual basis as all your children are very different with 
a diverse range of interests and aspirations.  Melissa’s main job is to make sure we 
do personalise what we offer to your child. If you have any concerns or want any 
advice/support for your children please contact her at the Academy or by email . Melissa has written a short message below to 
introduce herself.

Hi, My name is Melissa Garnham and I am the 
Service Children Liaison Officer at Joyce Frankland 
Academy.  My role involves, amongst other things, 
being your main point of contact at school, supporting 
your children and working with them if issues arise,  
and for those that move school midyear (either to or 
from Joyce Frankland) ensuring that that transition 

is as smooth as possible.

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