Sunday, 2 March 2014

House Insurance

SFA Insurance Cover

The AFF have seen a number of families suffer extreme stress and financial hardship following damage to their quarter from incidents such as fires caused by chip pans catching alight, or major flood damage following burst pipes. If Service Personnel (SP) and / or their families are found to be liable for the damage, and have no insurance, the MOD will still charge for the repairs (up to £20,000). SP have to find the funds from their own pocket. 

All individuals who occupy Service Family Accommodation (SFA), be it either SFA (quarter) or SSFA (hiring), will have signed an agreement on moving into the property, called aService Licence to Occupy Service Family Accommodation (known as a Licence to Occupy). Within the Licence to Occupy, there is a clause that states that the individual is liable for damages up to at least the sum advised currently by the MOD, which from 01 Aug 11 is set at £20,000. Because SP occupy the property under this agreement and are not classed as a tenant, standard home insurance policies do not cover their liability

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