Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Join the Reserves

As part of the on-going incentivisation of Regulars to join the Reservists, a new Commitment Bonus (CB) for ex-Regular Officers (Capts and below) and Other Ranks in the early part of their TA service has been implemented.  There is also a CB for Direct Entrant Junior Officers in Group A Territorial Army units.

The new Commitment Bonus for ex-Regular Officers (Capt and below), Other Ranks and Group A Direct Entrant Junior Officers, who join the reserves is called the ‘Commitment Bonus – Early Years’ and started on Mon 01 April 2013.  The scheme aims to improve retention of ex-Regular Junior Officers and Other Ranks in the Reserves and is worth a maximum of £5000, paid over 4 payments.  The scheme will provide an initial payment of a £2000 lump sum and three staged annual payments of £1000 each paid on completion of an individual’s Annual Training Commitment. Scheme entry is scheduled to run over the period 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2016. 

For further assistance, detailed explanations of the processes and application forms, contact RESO 33 Engr Regt, Captain Cameron on:

Mil:                  94659 3608
Civ:                  01223 203608

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