Saturday, 1 March 2014

Report Anti-Social Behaviour

Please can parents be vigilant to the behaviour of the children around our estate.  If any child is caught misbehaving the Regiment will have no hesitation but to speak sternly to the parents of those children caught acting in such an irresponsible way – the warning will go on record and should behaviour not improve, more serious action will be taken against the head of household. 

We need your support in this matter - do not have a walk by attitude, whatever it may be; litter, antisocial behaviour - particularly so when within a military environment.

This may seem an insignificant issue to some, however if not checked can often lead to an escalation of bad behaviour within our society that is seen as normal.  Parents have a responsibility for their children. 

Thank you in advance for your support - to contact the Welfare Dept with any issue please ring 01223 203698 (33 Engr Reg) and 01223 203691 (101 Engr Reg)

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