Saturday, 8 November 2014

RBL Women's Section

The RBL Women's Section have recently created the Military Wives and Girlfriends Group. This is a branch that any Military wife or girlfriend can join for £6.30 per year (year runs Oct-Oct). Membership entitles you to take part in social events, workshops, courses and fundraising events (inclu the Poppy Appeal each Nov). 

There is also a chance for any members to set up their own small branch in the area they live, where they can organise their own social/fundraising events and days out/trips away.
The membership money goes to the Benevolent fund which is used to help female dependents and/or children who have fallen on hard times, or who need a bit of extra help eg., the RBWS organise family welfare breaks whichare for those with disabled family member or simply for families who have been under extra strain and need a break away.
Full details of all the RBWS do are on the website (below). 

Ladies can apply for join through their online application form (a paper one will then be posted to them). The online application form can be found on the this link

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